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Dear visitor,


We are happy to invite you to take a journey across our website, dedicated to the premier protected area of Armenia, Khosrov Reserve. Here you will find information on the history of the creation of the reserve, its geographical location and natural landscape, and through the various pages of the website get acquainted with the rich flora and fauna and historical monuments hidden within the boundaries of the reserve. Particular attention we have paid to the description of rare and endangered species of wildlife.

Through the website we will provide you with information on the works and projects implemented in the reserve. Long-term programs will be submitted to your discussion with the anticipation of active feedback from your side.

The “Photo Gallery” section of the website will soon feature high-quality photos of the flora and fauna and the historical monuments of the reserve. Follow our announcements and get involved in the scientific-cognitive and other events to be organized by the specialists of our organization. In the “News” section you will find materials and video clips from press and other mass media.

We are ready to participate in any constructive discussion and do our best to preserve this centuries-old unique world of nature “Khosrov Reserve”.

I hope you will approve of the day-to-day refreshments of the website, the main objective being to provide brief, but concentrated information to those who are eager to visit Armenia and contemplate its beautiful nature.

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