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In the neighborhood of Khosrov Forest State Reserve there are several cultural, historical and natural sites which have a great potential to be involved in sightseeing tours. They are the following:

Garni Тemple image004_Garni.jpgimage002.jpg

This monument comprises the Garni Fortress as the summer residence of Armenian kings (built from 3rd century BC to 13th century) and the Parthenon like pagan temple of the Sun (built in the 1st century by the King Tiridates I to honor the god Mithras, destroyed by the 1679 earthquake and reconstructed in 1969-79). The basilica (5th century), wall ruins, king's palace with main hall, winery and bathhouse with mosaic floor are adjacent to the fortress.

Symphony of Stones

This unique natural monument represents an array of basalt quadras in the Azatimage006_bazalt.jpg River gorge. From afar they look like the hexagonal tubes of the organ, but from beneath they are similar to the comb.



Noravank Canyon

Noravank is a 13th century Armenian Apostolic Church monastery located in a narrow river gorge, nearby the town of Yeghegnadzor. The bеautiful gorge has tall, sheer, brick-red cliffs located behind and in front of the monastery. image008_Noravank.jpgThe most famous monument of the monastery is its two-storey Surb Astvatsatsin church. In image010_canyon.jpgthe 13th-14th centuries the monastery became a residence of Syunik's bishops and later a major religious and cultural center of Armenia, closely connected with national educational centers, especially with famed university and library of Gladzor.


  Bezoar goat observation site in Shatin village.

This is a unique place where nationally threatened and globally vulnerable bezoar image012_bezoar.jpggoats (Capra aegagrus) are fully protected by local community and peacefully live on cliffs right in front of Shatin village. The observation site consisting of two open roofed pavilions is equipped with binoculars and spotting scopes for goat watching. Local bed and breakfast facilities are also available.







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