KHOSROV FOREST state reserve

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Terrain of Khosrov Reserve is complicated and rugged. It represents a typical mountain range, encompassing a dense network of main and branch ridges, high plateaus and deep canyons towered by volcanic shield massifs and peaks. The traces of tectonic activity, like fractures and faults, are everywhere. The dominating rocks are Quaternary fragmental debris, effusive rocks, pre-Oligocene igneous formations, Cretaceous volcanic deposits and intrusions.

Intense aeoline processes, combined with hot weather and impact of water, shape numerous geological figures like pyramids, towers, niches etc. Most of slopes are steep, with declivity exceeding 30o.

The belt of middle elevations (1500-2300 m above sea level) covers about 50% of the reserve's territory, representing highly rough terrain composed of fold and detrital ridges. The belt of low elevations (below 1500 m) is marked by vast areas of badlands.

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