KHOSROV FOREST state reserve

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General Description

The monuments valuable for sightseeing are the Garni Temple, Geghard Monastery, Havuts Tar and Aghjots monasteries. The settlements Mazazi Avanasar, Avanik, Ardigh, Berdkants, Garni, Goght, Tarnis, Kakagh, Kutis, Mankus, Portik (Portkan) and Qaghberd are mentioned in medieval manuscripts.

Beyond Khosrov Reserve, the most attractive sites are the Khor Virap Monastery and the Geghama Ridge with its peaks (Mts. Azhdaak, Mets and Pokr Spitakasar, Sevkatar, Armaghan) on which the prehistoric petroglyphs depicting hunters and their prey (bezoar goats, leopards) have survived until now.

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