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Khosrov Reserve is located in the Ararat Province (Maundefinedundefinedkhosrov map 1.jpgrz) in south-western Armenia, to the south-east of Armenia's capital Yerevan, covering the branches of the Geghama Ridge. The area that officially became, in 1958, Khosrov Reserve enjoys a long-term reputation of wildlife haunt and a unique forest tract with spectacular scenery and rich historical legacy which is the closest piece of pristine nature to the capital agglomeration.

Actually, nature protection here began long before 1958. In the years 330-338 A.D., the Armenian king Khosrov the Third Kotak (Short) had established along the Azat riverside two wildlife sanctuaries, one of which is still called the Khosrov Forest. Gleanings about Khosrov Reserve can be found in the works of medieval Armenian historians.

With the advent of the Soviet power, the Khosrov Forest was set aside as a forestry. Then, on 13 September 1958, the Garni Forestry was granted a status of Khosrov (then Garni) Reserve. Its size was 148.61 km2. Establishment of this protected area was prompted by a necessity to preserve high-quality freshwater supplies of the Azat River and its tributaries flowing down to Yerevan, arid juniper sparse forests (the "lungs" of Yerevan) and unique flora and fauna. In 1990, the size of Khosrov Reserve became 291.96 km2 as some adjacent lands were incorporated to it. In 2006-2007, it was reduced to 238.78 km2.khosrov map.jpg

The official status of Khosrov Reserve and other reserves in Armenia corresponds to the IUCN Ia category. Since 1995, it is subordinated to the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia, managed through its Agency for Biological Resources Management and operating as the Khosrov Reserve non-profit organization. By the end of 2007, it comprises the Garni (north), Kakavaberd (north-east), Khosrov (center) and Khachadzor (east) districts.

In 2006-2007, the process is underway to develop and approve the Management Plan of Khosrov Reserve which is aimed at improvement of the reserve's environmental and socio-economic status. It has been an essential step forward in compliance with Convention on Biological Diversity which was ratified by Armenia in 1993.

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